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Pratical informations
The Gather-Network PREMIUM account will greatly improve your gaming experience on our website, thanks to many exclusive features

An important advantages of the premium membership is that you automatically participate in our monthly ladder. In this ladder, your are ranked according to the skill points that you win trough our gathers (by killing enemies, planting the bomb, complete team objectives, etc). Note that each game supported by GN has its own ladder.

Every month, we reward the top players of this ladder with some prizes like computer hardware, mousepads, etc.

Twice a year, our monthly ladder is replaced by special events called Summer and Christmas Cups which shows exceptional prizes like laptops, gaming consoles, cameras, etc.

On the top of that, every month our BINGO ladder will reward a few random premium members with extra prizes !

An other benefit of being a premium member is the priority to '!add' to all IRC gathers, thanks to a dedicated time period during which 'standard' members are not allowed to join.

On the website you can review detailed statistics about your gathers like weapon usage, actions, skill tendency, etc.
For example, you can check out the one of our actual top skilled member, kalhimeo, here.

You can also create your own picture gallery which will be linked directly into your profile. It's a funny way to share some pictures about yourself or any other cool picture (you can access your own picture gallery with the 'Control Panel -> Options -> My picture gallery' link).
An example of personal picture gallery can be found here.

An other benefit of the premium membership is that you can browse our website free or any advertisement.

Finally, all premium users have their nickname highlighted in GOLD on IRC and on the website. This shows the other users that you paid for an extra access and, by this way, are mostly not someone who creates multi-accounts to evade a ban. By playing with premium members, you will meet less cheaters and leavers too.

This distinctive mark may also help if you have to discuss any problem with our 'Help & Support' staff since they will know that you are a serious member.

 Join a premium gameserver (Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero)
One of the best way to enjoy the premium features is to join one of our premium servers, which let you play gathers whenever you want without any admin. Our bot will administrate the whole match for you.

Joining a PREMIUM gather is simple. Visit the 'Play' page of this website and choose the gameserver where you want to play. Please pay attention to the number of players already connected to the server, the premium gather will start as soon as 10 players are connected, so it's better to join a server were there are already a few players. You can warm-up with the other players on the current map while waiting for gather to be full.

Note that it is also important to check the location of the gameservers and choose one close to your location, in order to reduced your ping.

Once you decided which gameserver suits you the best, click on the 'Connect' icon.

 Inside the game (Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero)
You enter the game and get automatically forced to T or CT side and renamed to your Gather-Network username, with the skill behind (skill is meant to be between < and >). You are now able to warm-up with the others players until 10 players are connected.

When the 10th player is validated and put in a team, the automated premium system asks all players to vote for the gather settings like the map, the way to build teams and if friendly fire should be enabled or not.
The system will also select one team captain in each team. Those captain are always the players with the most skill points (highest skilled).

Captains have special in-game access, such as reporting people for abuse. Their first action within the gather will be to set their team as 'ready' for the match by typing .ready.
All commands can be shown at our commands-page.

When both teams are done, the match will start and be played as usual.
If someone leaves the match, the bot will search for a sub automatically after 4 minutes - the leaver will automatically get banpoints !

After 15 rounds of playing, our system will automatically switch both teams and enter the second tactical phase.
Again both captains have to do .ready when their teams are ready. If there are problems or someone was being AFK, captains can use .restart to restart the second half.

After playing all 30 rounds, our system will message you privatly on the server with your matchskill. The matchskill is being computed by the special actions you have done within the match, take a look on how its being calculated here.
That matchskill will be calculated to your current skill points, you can view a log of your skill points here.

Last but not least our system will show the final result and invite you to start a new game.

 After the gather (Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero)
Now that the game is over, you can take a look on your profile and check for your current game statistics.

It may also be interesting to check your ranking in our Gaming Ladder. Note that this one isn't updated in real time, but once every 5 minutes.

For detailed statistics about the match, take a look at the match page. There you can find all the latest gathers.


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