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cs.gather.ro anticheat on!
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News » Gather-Network
 » Paypal payments are activated immediately now      

I've just implemented a new system to activate paypal payments fully automatically now.

If you buy your premium membership through paypal now, it will be activated immediately without any delay just after you have confirmed your payment at paypal.

Written by myst 23/08/2007 15:19 5 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Announcement   


I just wanted to inform everyone that no winners of the summer cup will be announced before fourth(4) of september, in this way all demo reports, and premium reports will come in, and the staff will also have enough time to check all winners for double accounts. So the right persons who played nice and fair wins.


Written by ChickeNN 25/08/2007 15:28 39 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Webgather for everyone    

Welcome to the new generation of gathering, through our webgather! The tool is now accessable for everyone.

I'm proud to release our newest invention today. For those who didnt read our previous news about this tool yet, a small description:

The webgather application allows you to gather through a website, without having any irc client knowledge. You will automatically connect to the irc server and join a channel to gather with us. 

You can see a overview with all open gathers, including map, gameserver IP and players. So you can see the users origin and other details such as their skill. Another nice feature is the 'autoconnect', which allow's you to connect fully automatic to the gather as soon as it's started. You do not have to do anything - relax and watch! No more copying the ip/password anymore, just use the 'autosearch gather' button and get something to eat while the webgather manages your gather. The only thing you need to do is to play!

If you want to play a match Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Source or Condition Zero, just start the webgather and get yourself added somewhere. 

You will be surprised how easy it is - try it out!


Hint: Gather in just 3 steps

1.) enable autoconnect and autoadd and set your filters (game) at your 'Settings'
2.) start 'autosearch gather'
3.) go away to eat something and get back when you see your game is running on your screen

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- webgather
- webgather intro

Written by myst 13/08/2007 21:34 17 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Webgather beta   

During the last month's I was working on our new product, the webgather.

The webgather application allows you to gather through a website, without having any irc client knowledge. You will automatically connect to the irc server (Quakenet or Gamesurge - based on your mainchannel) and join a channel. 

This software shows details such as 'all open gathers' (on the whole network!) or even your ping to the gameserver. You can set your nickname prefix, set a notification filter (do you want the webgather to tell you that there's a gather running with already 8 players in?) and you can even use your gn bouncer to connect to hide your local IP. The application allows you to set a 'autoconnect', if your gather starts, the webgather program will automatically connect to the gameserver, this means you do not need to enter any IP or password anymore; it's fully automatic.

Since it's a big step for the Gather-Network Community to gather without having a irc client anymore, and such a big new software isn't always bug free at start, we'd like to give it a first try and give access to people who would like to test it.

So if you think you are a good tester, and you really want to play a gather through it (yes it really works! ^_^) please just drop a pm to me (myst) with the amount you'd like to pay for access.... oh no, it's free. :-P

If everything goes well, we'll release this excellent new product to everyone very soon and you can invite your friends who actually don't use irc and can not gather with you..

Stay tuned,


New: For those who cannot wait to see it: http://www.gather-network.com/webgather/intro/

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- Webgather

Written by myst 07/08/2007 20:15 12 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Little changes about the '.demo' command  

Dear members,

I received some feedback that some captains or admins were abusing the '.demo' command during the gathers. That's why i introduce a new "demo ratio".

This "demo ratio" is a percentage (from 0% to 100%)  and is related to the amount of justified ".demo" request of the captain or the admin.

Here is how it works :

- All admins and captains started today  with a ratio of 95%
- Every day, those admins and captains receive +1% for their "demo ratio".
- To request a '.demo', those captains and admins needs a ratio of 90% minimum.
- When a captain or admin review a requested demo, he still have the choice to send it to the AC Team or close the report immediatly. If he chooses this last option, it means that his feeling of "cheats" were not totally justified and he loose -2% of his "demo ratio".
- If the captain or the admin choose to send the report to the AC Team (because he can see real suspicious actions), the AC Team will also review the demo and decide what to do with the report. If the AC Team thinks that this report wasn't justified and that there are no suspicious actions at all in the demo, the captain or admin who choosed to "send it to the AC Team" will loose -10% of his "demo ratio".
- If the AC Team see suspicious actions in the demo and agrees with the captain or admin that something is suspicious with this demo, the captain or admin won't have any change on his "demo ratio".

The values described above may be adjusted in the future (in that case, you would be informed).

Hope you will enjoy this update.

The Gather-Network crew.

Written by kalhimeo 07/08/2007 15:15 60 Comments
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