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 » GN Video Area goes online  

Just a few days ago we publicised our own anti-cheat software. Today our latest feature is ready to go: The Video Area.

Many of you may already know of such a tool, since we're not the only one offering this (like YouTube, myspace) - but I think we're the only gaming community offering to host and share videos at this time.

How does it work? It's easy! You simply upload your movie (up to 100 MB size!) to our server. Our video streaming server will convert it and the rest of the world can watch your video without any slow motion or lag. Of course, you can rate every single movie and give comments. There is also a personal video page online, for people who upload movies frequently: like my video page.

If the video feature proves to be successful, we will update its features as suggested by you. For example, to show top rated videos or give prizes away for the most popular video of each month.

The first video released is a must to watch! For those who don't know it yet, make sure to watch it!

Mario completed in 11 minutes

If there are any problems i.e. you can't upload your file or can't view the movies, please do not hesitate in immediately replying to this news or sending me an email.

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Written by myst 17/06/2007 11:11 11 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » AC Software updated to 1.3  

Two days gone as we released our own brand new Anticheat Software.

Today's another update-day. I've just released the new version 1.3, which includes many fixes, especially lag fixes.


- Whole tool size reduced from 600 kb to 6 kb (will load alot faster now!)
- The tool loads within a small popup now, no need to keep open a larger browser site anymore
- Java compatibility changed to 1.4 (last good tests were with 1.4) - no need to update java anymore (most computer have at least 1.4 default installed)
- Tool speeded up alot, much faster loading, less ingame lag
- Security checks added
- 'Look me up again' function added - so you can easily ask the tool again if it displays 'cannot find you in any gather'

Still I have to refer to our current voting, which is actually a very important point for the Gather-Network head.

Have fun with the new, cheatfree Gather-Network boys n girls!


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Written by myst 14/06/2007 02:09 7 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » AC Tool requried by default? Vote please!  

Releated to the recently released beta version of our GN Anticheat tool, we would like to get your mind about the requirement for this.

The staff decided to give it two options:

1.) Requried for everyone to start the software / website
2.) Only force 'watched' (suspected) users start the software

Detailed that will me, 1.) everyone has to start the GN Anticheat tool, if not you will be kicked from the gather. Or secondly 2.) only 'watched' users (who are suspected of cheating already) have to start the tool.

We know that not everyone likes to start / sign java applets in a website. That's why we want to give everyone the chance to give your thoughts about this.

But also we know that everyone wants a cheat-free network, as there's no chance to play public anymore without cheaters, we want to give everyone a cheat-free community. It's not a big deal just to start an software (based on a website) which you don't even need to download.

The big advantage of our Anticheat tool is, that it's 100% website based - as an applet. You don't have to download files, you don't have to be scared that spyware or adware gets installed on your computer. Secondly, we can update and act to new cheats very fast, because we can update our software without losing time.

So please vote, we'll keep this voting open as long as we have the 'beta' phase open.

This is a very important voting, since we will make our final decisions based on the mind of our community!

You can find the vote here - thanks for voting.


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Written by myst 11/06/2007 22:24 15 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Gather-Network crusade against cheaters  

Hi there !

Today, i am proud to announce you our new GN feature: the GN anticheat software!

A Small F.A.Q.

What it is ?
It's a java applet that you have to keep running during all the gather. It will check your computer for cheats.

What do i have to do ?
All you have to do is to be authed on GN website and visit this page:


before you connect the server and keep the page open.

Important: you HAVE to keep this page running during all the gather or you will be kicked from the server (this is disabled during beta phase).

Who is concerned by this ?
All players of member gathers and premium gathers for CS,CZ and CSS

I have problems with java, what can i do ?
Install the last version of Java from this link : www.java.com

What does the tool do if a cheater was found ?
The GN anticheat tool was made to support the AC-Team. It does not give banpoints but it reports cheaters to the AC-Team.

If you still have problems with our AC software, please use this forum.

We hope the software will be 100% operational for our upcoming summer events.

Also we'd like to invite you to give us your feedback. It is very important for us to know what you think, so if you have used the tool once, please give us your report at this thread.

Stay tuned.

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Written by kalhimeo 11/06/2007 12:10 43 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Premium cheater crackdown  

It has come to our attention that several top10 players of the May premium ladder used various exploits to get to their high rank.
Among these exploits are ghosting, team stacking and disabling skillpoints when in a losing team.

Starting this month we'll be thoroughly investigating the top10 players for these and other exploits.
Anyone with information regarding exploiting users are invited to talk to our crew in #gather-network on Quakenet.

Written by Arie 10/06/2007 19:34 28 Comments
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