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News » Gather-Network
 » Recruit of Portuguese Translation Team   

Dear members,

Starting now is open the recruit for the Portuguese Translation Team of Gather-Network.

This team has goal to translate the WHOLE Gather-Network system with no exceptions, BEFORE something else, if you are looking for a higher status or a position on GN Staff, stop reading this right now but if you think that you have profile to do it apply now but there are some minimium requests to get in like: high skills on English written, the ability to work under pressure and essential skills on teamwork and a hierarchical system.
If you think you fit the profile apply now by filling this form:

1.Full Name
3.Gather-Network auth
4.A little bit about yourself (occupation etc)
5.Previous experience on translation teams
6.Previous experience with the Gather-Network
7.Why you think you deserve the position

Send now your application to the two supervisores: Psicopath e zweit with the subject: Application and the body with the reply of the form.

Edit: a decision will be taken during this weekend!

Recruit Results:

We receive a total of 16 applications, from this number we recruit 8 people. The recruited people is listed below:


Congratulations everyone and thanks for applying for this job!

The recruited people was contacted over PM with detailled information!
No more applications are accepted! Thanks

The supervisores of Portuguese Translation Team
Psicopath e Zweit

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- Psicopath
- Zweit

Written by Psicopath 10/10/2007 21:13 13 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Team killing and team attacking in Premium gathers   

Dear members,

For a few months we've had a rule changed for Premium gathers. Team attacking and team killing is no longer allowed even at warmup (pregame) or even if the game is not live for whatever reason and will be restarted by the captains. Now, for some time we've been removing the ban points issued by gathernetwork for this reason, not without warning people that this rule will be fully implemented very soon and that this kind of ban points will stop being removed.

As of today, we're going to stop removing ban points issued by gathernetwork for intentionally team attacking or team killing at any point during Premium matches. You've had enough time to learn about this rule and to stop doing this. It's not hard to simply not attack teammates even if the match hasn't started. It's a disruptive conduct and we won't longer support it.


The Gather-Network Crew

Written by gonz 08/10/2007 21:19 14 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » AC-TEAM  

Gather-Network - AC TEAM

As starting today we will be opening applications for the AC TEAM. Anyone who is over 16 years old and has good knowledge of the english language, the ability to work under pressure, and has the time to review at least 3-4 demos per week is welcome to apply.

Send a pm to alexxx with the word "Application" in the subject.

The email requirements/format are as follows:

1. Full name:

2. DOB(Day of Birth):

3. Gather-Network auth:

4. Quakenet and/or GameSurge auth account name:

5. A little bit about yourself (occupation etc):

6. Previous experience with the Gather-Network:

7. Previous experience with AC organisations:

8. Why do you want to be part of the AC-TEAM?

Edit: Already found three new members, for all the other applications, maybe next time....



Written by alexxx 04/10/2007 15:50 10 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » September winners !  

Dear members,

Here are our 10 winners for September 2007.

Here is the list:

1st Bodyboard win the 50 EUROS CASH !! with 1152 points and 86 premium gathers played.
2nd rack win the QPAD|CT Black Giant Mousepad + QPAD Glidz + QPAD Wristband with 1109 points and 58 premium gathers played.
3rd GoHayden win the QPAD|CT Black Giant Mousepad + QPAD Glidz with 1092 points and 30 premium gathers played.
4th gather1337 win the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership + QPAD Glidz with 1023 points and 170 premium gathers played.
5th eNjOyz win the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership + QPAD Glidz with 998 points and 38 premium gathers played.
6th inSanEfreak win the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership + QPAD Glidz with 992 points and 35 premium gathers played.
7th way win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 989 points and 100 premium gathers played.
8th Bjarni win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 959 points and 21 premium gathers played.
9th Kyto win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 957 points and 39 premium gathers played.
10th vsevoz win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 942 points and 20 premium gathers played.

For pro gaming products, you should visit QPAD website www.qpad.se.

To subscribe to a premium account, win prizes, play whenever you want in the fully automated gathers and grow your 'skill'.... click here (starting at 0€/month !).

Important : Starting today, you will be able to get skill points in member gathers too if "fairteams" was enabled during team formation.


The Gather-Network Crew

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Written by kalhimeo 01/10/2007 00:01 21 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » New games, new channels   

With the recent launches of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Team Fortress 2 there are also new GatherNetwork channels.
On GameSurge there is #tf2.gather.us and on Quakenet there are #qw.gather and #tf2.gather.eu.

Feel free to drop in and play some gathers of these great games.

Related links:
- Quake Wars
- Team Fortress 2

Written by Arie 29/09/2007 21:50 5 Comments
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