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News » Gather-Network
 » Gather-Network crusade against cheaters  

Hi there !

Today, i am proud to announce you our new GN feature: the GN anticheat software!

A Small F.A.Q.

What it is ?
It's a java applet that you have to keep running during all the gather. It will check your computer for cheats.

What do i have to do ?
All you have to do is to be authed on GN website and visit this page:


before you connect the server and keep the page open.

Important: you HAVE to keep this page running during all the gather or you will be kicked from the server (this is disabled during beta phase).

Who is concerned by this ?
All players of member gathers and premium gathers for CS,CZ and CSS

I have problems with java, what can i do ?
Install the last version of Java from this link : www.java.com

What does the tool do if a cheater was found ?
The GN anticheat tool was made to support the AC-Team. It does not give banpoints but it reports cheaters to the AC-Team.

If you still have problems with our AC software, please use this forum.

We hope the software will be 100% operational for our upcoming summer events.

Also we'd like to invite you to give us your feedback. It is very important for us to know what you think, so if you have used the tool once, please give us your report at this thread.

Stay tuned.

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Written by kalhimeo 11/06/2007 12:10 43 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Premium cheater crackdown  

It has come to our attention that several top10 players of the May premium ladder used various exploits to get to their high rank.
Among these exploits are ghosting, team stacking and disabling skillpoints when in a losing team.

Starting this month we'll be thoroughly investigating the top10 players for these and other exploits.
Anyone with information regarding exploiting users are invited to talk to our crew in #gather-network on Quakenet.

Written by Arie 10/06/2007 19:34 28 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » May winners !  

Dear members,

Here are our 10 winners for May 2007.

Here is the list:

1st Bodyboard win the 50 EUROS CASH !! with 1465 points and 55 premium gathers played.
2nd noozzz win the QPAD|CT Black Giant Mousepad + QPAD Glidz + QPAD Wristband with 1410 points and 130 premium gathers played.
3rd quattromagasa win the QPAD|CT Black Giant Mousepad + QPAD Glidz with 1399 points and 35 premium gathers played.
4th jshanz win the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership + QPAD Glidz with 1398 points and 43 premium gathers played.
5th Maria win the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership + QPAD Glidz with 1290 points and 118 premium gathers played.
6th povoadevarzim win the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership + QPAD Glidz with 1256 points and 62 premium gathers played.
7th inSanEfreak win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1234 points and 70 premium gathers played.
8th iRONK win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1200 points and 138 premium gathers played.
9th PRcs win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1198 points and 66 premium gathers played.
10th musuL win the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1136 points and 137 premium gathers played.

For pro gaming products, you should visit QPAD website www.qpad.se.

To subscribe to a premium account, win prizes, play whenever you want in the fully automated gathers and grow your 'skill'.... click here (starting at 1,5 €/month).

Stay tuned for a nice and hot upcoming summer...


The Gather-Network Crew

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Written by kalhimeo 01/06/2007 00:01 10 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » AC Team Changes  

Dear Gather-Network users,

Recently ChickeNN had to drop his task as a Anti Cheat team leader, today alexxx took over his task and he will clean up the current Anti Cheat team and make it (very)Active again!

ChickeNN will remain active as a Gather-Network Help & Support Staff member, ChickeNN thanks for your time at the Anti Cheat team, the team will miss you!

edit- The crew is complete for now! thnx for your applications!


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Written by Dyn0 30/05/2007 21:05 5 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » New tool: Steam-ID Finder  

I'm happy to announce the newest Gather-Network invention!

Still unique.. (let`s hope, the ESL doesn't read this news.. ;-)) and very useful

The Gather-Network Steam-ID Finder allows you to find your personal Steam-ID very easily. Typically, you just have to wait and the tool shows your Steam-ID. Ofcourse its a *must* to have a version of valve's steam installed, else you will get a 'not found' as result.

It's an completely web-based tool, therefore you do not need to download any program or have to go to a gameserver to get known of your Steam-ID.

This tool was designed to give people a very fast and easy way to get known of their Steam-ID, especially if you edit your profile and keep asking yourself what to enter at the field "Steam-ID".

If you have complaints or suggestions, you may create an thread at our Forum.

Have fun, 


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- Steam-ID Finder
- Steam-ID Finder Forum

Written by myst 22/05/2007 23:56 13 Comments
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