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News » Gather-Network
 » Bouncer updated   

I've just updated our bouncer services. The frequently crashes and bugs are fixed now, also it should be alot faster now!

All bouncers have been removed, so please just use the [start] button at your control panel if you have level 3 or 4. Otherwise you may ask one of our staff members to add an bouncer for you. Currently there're 95 slots at Quakenet and 30 slots at Gamesurge available. 

Also you can still use our Shop to buy a bouncer, there's always one free slot :-)

If there's any feature you miss, please just send me a PM or reply to this newspost.


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Written by myst 26/06/2007 21:42 8 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » 'Silent run' Issues  

Due to the big amount of discussions related to this subject, we decided to make a post about this on the main page so everybody knows.

This is about SILENT RUNNING (also known as crouch running). This inniatly started as a script, that allowed users to run in a "strange" way and this movement affected both hitboxes and sound. After that, people started binding +duck to wheelup and this had the same effect, because we can NOT know what way the users are using to do crouch/silent run, the AC team decided that ALL FORMS of this action are illegal and will result in a cheater ban! This has been decided a long time ago, so all people banned are legit banned, but because of the big discussions and all the excuses of users, we decided to make a new post.

So please know that if you use any kind of way, to perform a "crouch/silent run", you will be banned. If we see any user doing a strange run, that we think is a form of silent run, he will be banned without discussion. I hope that everybody will stop doing this action and that we will not see people do this in demos again!


Gather-Network Anti-Cheat Team

Written by Dyn0 24/06/2007 19:27 39 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » AC Tool mandatory for CS/CZ/CSS    


Starting tomorrow (25/06/07) the AC Tool will be MANDATORY for all "MEMBER" and "PREMIUM" gathers. If you don't run the java application, you will be kicked from the servers after a first warning.

We recommend to give it a try BEFORE your first gather to be sure everything runs correctly.

In case of problem, you should report it with a complete description at our special forum.

Stay tuned for an upcoming exciting news.


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Written by kalhimeo 24/06/2007 19:08 12 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » AC Tool 1.4 Released  

I've just released a new version of our Anticheat Software: 1.4.

The improvements are mainly tweaks to avoid any lag of your computer while using our software.


- Communication speed between Anticheat Software <-> GN Server has been limit to max 1 kb/sec to avoid any lag
- 'Please connect to the gameserver' will be changed much faster than before (if you once connected)
- Several smaller fixes to tweak the speed
- Fixes to reduce the memory load in the internet explorer 6.x / 7.x

I hope we will have a final stable version of the Anticheat Software within the next 8 days, when our yearly summer event begins.

Stay tuned for news about our special event this year.


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Written by myst 22/06/2007 11:34 6 Comments
News » AC Team
 » AC Team recruits!   

Dear Gather-Network users,

Due to the growing need of Anti-Cheat Team Members alexxx and Suicide01 decided to open a NEW recruit.

If your interested in a job in the Gather-Network Anti-Cheat Team read more inside...


» Read more

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Written by Dyn0 19/06/2007 21:41
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