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Hardware Top 5 mice 2014
CS/CSS Scene steel joins iBUYPOWER
CS/CSS Scene Virtus.pro lift the trophy
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cs.gather.ro anticheat on!
cs.gather.ro anticheat on!
cs.gather.ro Revenire a canalului #cs.gather.ro !
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 » Help and Support Team is Recruiting!  

Please read the requirements and follow the instructions stated below if you're interesting in filling one of the available positions.
  • Good understanding of the Gather-Network and a good understanding on how it works.
  • A long experience with the Gather-Network.
  • Personal interest in working to help improve the Gather-Network.
  • Enough time to spare for the Gather-Network.
  • Essential skills on teamwork.
  • Good english skills.
  • Skills in more than one language (Not required but helps).
As you can see, there are quite a few requirements. Members of the H&S team have no extra authority and do not need any (apart from a more advanced control panel). If you want this position because you think you can earn some more Q channel flags, stop reading now. If you want this position just for the Helper status, don’t bother, give up. Anyone who applies that is thought to be applying for status will be automatically rejected.
If however you’re not bothered about the above and think this job is for you, send a fairly detailed private message to me through the Gather-Network website with the subject ‘Help and Support Team Application’ containing the following:
1. Full name:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Gather-Network auth:
4. A little bit about you:
5. Previous experience with the Gather-Network:
6. Why you think you deserve the position:
7. Languages spoken:

Any person messaging me on IRC, PM, STEAM regarding this will be immediately disqualified.
Good luck!
Head of Help & Support Team

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- Nastydog

Written by Nastydog 31/01/2015 00:03
News » Gather-Network
 » Help and Support Team recruitment process canceled!  

The current recruitment process is canceled.

As the person in charge leading the team left the position and someone else took over (me, by the way), I have not receive any of the applications you have sent over the last days/week so you could apply to join our Help and Support staff team. I am not able to review the applications and make a decision, therefore, as I previously said this recruitment process that was initiated by the previously leader is no longer valid.

You will get another chance soon. I will myself start a new recruitment process, in a few days, and you are again encouraged to send your application. 

Best of luck and have fun.

- Nastydog

Written by Nastydog 30/01/2015 01:05 3 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Leaving Gather-Network. (Saying my goodbye's)  

Hi everyone, 

I am just here to tell everyone I will no longer be part of Gather-Network after 13 years.
Big thanks to everyone that has supported #cs.gather.nl back in the day when GN was still playable.

Special thanks to:
Kalhimeo / Maverick2k / SpaZijax / ENG1N / Nastydog / gonz / Arie / ChickeN / KoYoTt  / Redlin3 / Zash (First of all for giving me the opportunity to lead and make #cs.gather.nl back in the day)
Second of all for giving me the opportunity of being part of the Staff (AC-Team / H&S) and trying to make this community a better place for it's users. And third of all for keeping it fair & real, this is an hobby, not a real job.

Special thanks to:
Ntrr / Styleeee / FraXon / ded1cation / astron / Djoezy and everyone that has supported/sponsored us in the past. (#cs.gather.nl) I might have missed alot of names here :O sorry for that.

Why the sudden decision?
Well, it's very simple, there are various (corrupt) snakes in the current staff. And personally I am sick of problems surrounding the #CS.Gather.RO channel and people messaging me on a daily basis with their problems while I personally can "NOT" handle them since there's to much corruption within the staff itself.
Also alot of accusations coming from "one" special member named "Z3US1" that I am befriended with some intern staff members. And yes, since Gather-Network is a community you make friends and foe's, but let's be realistic, even friends have to obey the rules stated on www.gather-network.com/rules - even I have banned friends for multiaccount & cheating in the past, like I always have said, RULES are RULES. But it seems that some members don't seem to care the rules that has made Gather-Network big in the first place, and prefer corruption + abuse. In any case, I've send Kalhimeo a detailed E-Mail some days ago on what was going on in the current staff. I would have loved being able to stop the abuse & corruption, but I can't since it's out of my power to deal with it.
As Z3US1 already told everyone, he will be stopping the services for #cs.gather.ro. Or is it maybe another way of getting back the control+abuse+corruption? Either way, I couldn't care two shits anyways ;). 

Is there a posibility I return someday?
Like I always have said, I never say never. But the actual Gather-Network (community) is more based on corruption and backstabbing eachother, that's one of the "main" reasons I decided to back off since I don't want any part of it. If the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive plugin is someday finished I will return (maybe). Besides, I already made my decision 2 month's ago and Kalhimeo is also aware of it. We need improvements in both the website & games. Let's just say I have various "hardware" sponsorships contacts if we had an active "CSGO" player base. And I really wish "Doop" finishes the CSGO Plugin asap.

I've left the H&S Team in hands of Nastydog since I personally think he is one of the only few persons left capable/worthy of that position.
Good luck Nastydog!

I sincerely apologize to everyone that has send in an application, if you hit the read more tab you will see the list of persons I would of accepted.

Peace out.

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Written by Jordyy 24/01/2015 22:54 18 Comments
News » cs.gather.ro
 » anticheat on!   


Salut baieti! Tin sa va anunt ca incepand din aceasta seara toti utilizatori trebuie sa descarce acest anticheat pe nume Ac32! Acest anticheat il puteti lua de pe siteul
https://www.sendspace.com/file/d1685l  ! La poze vor avea acces admini compenteti si cei din ac-team , acest anticheat bloceaza aimul si face poze la 30-40 de secunde random!

II luati de pe siteul care vi l-am dat mai sus dupa care il dezarhivati si ii dai run pe ac32.exe dupa care ii dati start si o sa apara pe verde ACTIVATED!

P.S. Doresc sa il luati si sa il folositi! ( si tin sa multumesc baiatului care m-a ajutat foarte mult cu acest anticheat)

Written by WATTSqui 14/01/2015 19:41 13 Comments
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