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CS/CSS Scene steel joins iBUYPOWER
CS/CSS Scene Virtus.pro lift the trophy
Steam CS:GO gets a big discount
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csgo.gather.ro CSGO.Gather.RO Tournament with prizes!
cs.gather.tr Gather-Network Turkiye Turnuvasi...
cs.gather.tr Gather-Network Turkiye Turnuvasi...
News » Gather-Network
 » #csgo.gather.ro the end of project.  

I am very sorry and i`m also dissapointed to say that we must stop the tournament due to the lack of activity. So our tournament and everything will be suspended as we talk.

This is the end of the project called csgo.gather.ro maybe in the future will be some great changes and maybe we'll be able to gain alot of people, but until then I decided to close the channel.

Stay tuned will be tournaments on the counter-strike 1.6 area with the support of gather-network in the appropiate future! So just stay tuned and prepare :)


Written by cheloo 12/04/2014 15:36 9 Comments
News » CS/CSS Scene
 » steel joins iBUYPOWER  

The team recently announced the addition of Braxton 'swag' Pierce, who was brought in to replace the departing Eric 'adreN' Hoag. Days after that move it was revealed that Todd 'anger' Williams would be going in the opposite direction, leaving his teammates to link up with compLexity. In order to fill the gap left by the player iBUYPOWER have turned their attentions to the man behind the in-game camera for the ESL, Josh 'steel' Nissan.

While most will recognise him as the ESL's observer, the Canadian born player has some pedigree having represented some of the best teams in America - and Europe - during his CS:S career. Having struggled to find a stable team in CS:GO we've seen less and less of him, but this move should see him return to the top of the pile once more.

He had this to say:

"I’m really excited to be competing in CS:GO again after a few unfortunate turn of events. EMS One really re-sparked my love for the game, and I am happy to be able to team up with a couple of my old teammates. DaZeD and I had issues in the past, but it was undisputable how good we worked together. We were able to put these issues aside about a year ago and I am happy to be on a team with him again.

I had a short, but successful stint on Team Dynamic with AZK where we had the only fully undefeated season and LAN in the history of ESEA. We also competed internationally at DSRack where we placed 2nd, just behind VeryGames. Although I haven’t personally played with swag or Skadoodle, I have seen and heard great things about them as players, and I am eager to see what we can teach each other.

I hope that this is the change that the team needs to push iBUYPOWER into the spotlight once more. Thanks for the management for having faith in myself and the team and I will try my absolute best to help in every way I can.


 Sam "DaZeD" Marine
 Keven "AZK" Lariviere
 Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham
 Braxton "swag" Pierce
 Josh "steel" Nissan

Written by gAndhiii 09/04/2014 20:44 0 Comments
News » CS/CSS Scene
 » Virtus.pro lift the trophy  

We have just witnessed one of the absolute most amazing Call of Duty to date.

Team Virtus.pro has sensational show run all the way through the tournament and in every match, looked incredibly strong. Now Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas and the rest of his troops lift the fantastic trophy in front of a packed Spodek Arena in Katowice , Poland , on the big stage.

No less than 200,000 different people so final home, and whether it was on twitch.tv or GoTV , then ESL Major Series One broken all records that Counter-Strike ever set, regardless of which version the conversation.

(The stadium of CS: GO Finals after præmiecermonien)

The losing finalist last map was de_inferno where future champions started out as CT, where they quickly got stolen pistol round off their opponent in the final, Ninjas in Pyjamas , despite the defeat, got a huge ovation after the match.

After the recovered pistol round, got Virtus.pro won the compulsory eco rounds and went on to win rounds, until they came at  6-0

NiP took then two in a row before the Poles destroyed their economy, which gave them the opportunity to gain a few more rounds, a possibility that they did not let nearly failed. When the page break was the 11-4 to Virtus.pro that simply played a perfect game of Counter-Strike, and they seemed unstoppable.

After the page break came the Swedish ninjas be back in the game and was taken five rounds in a row with a score of 11-9 . Awaited return so no longer impossible, but after a perfectly executed B-rush, led by plFilip 'Neo' Kubski, were Poles taken over the site and did not throw after planting situation in the sink.

NiP had to make a strange mix purchase of famases and M4'ere, but they pushed Swedes were not successful in the round, and Virtus.pro came at 13-9

seRichard 'Xizt' Shore Power subsequently went crazy with his Five-Seven, where he got all of three headshots and secured them the next round where ninjas were on eco.

But unfortunately for the Swedes, as was the round and the last one they got. Carefully planned smokegrenades secured Poles another round and NiP was forced into another eco ultimately killed by ninjas. 16-10 to Virtus.pro who could finally lift arms victorious

 Virtus.pro 2 vs 0 NiP

MAP : de_mirage, de_inferno

This means that the Poles top the EMS One by Intel Extreme Masters Katowice , taking the first prize of $ 100,000 home with them. NiP have to settle for $ 50,000 and yet another room which they, as we know also got at Dreamhack Winter , the same prize was present.

Written by zoonE 23/03/2014 13:10 0 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » February winners  

The winners of February 2014 have been reviewed !

If you want to win prizes, get your own 'skill' and participate in the BINGO ladder, you have to subscribe to a premium account starting at 0/month !

The BINGO action selected by our crew for this month was : Recovered most bombs (CS)

- Here are our 5 winners for the BINGO ladder:

1st dAyro wins the 6 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1.68 actions per gather and 654 gathers.
2nd DamonN wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1.60 actions per gather and 998 gathers.
3rd pcno wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1.46 actions per gather and 1577 gathers.
4th redshark669 wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1.29 actions per gather and 698 gathers.
5th Bazenga wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1.24 actions per gather and 1045 gathers.

- Here are our 10 winners for the Counter-Strike 1.6 ladder:

1st Flo91 wins the 6 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1764 points and 40 gathers.
2nd sONICCCCC wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1701 points and 42 gathers.
3rd roN1kz wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1638 points and 49 gathers.
4th KapriCiouS wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1533 points and 64 gathers.
5th blowYa wins the 3 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1497 points and 55 gathers.
6th Bebez00r wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1474 points and 68 gathers.
7th TAKEABREATH wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1466 points and 113 gathers.
8th cocovic wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1446 points and 76 gathers.
9th player10 wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1432 points and 64 gathers.
10th wHoliciousz wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1430 points and 71 gathers.

See you next month for an other set of winners !

Written by kalhimeo 18/03/2014 14:46 1 Comment
News » Steam
 » CS:GO gets a big discount  

Valve is celebrating yet another major esports event with deep discounts on CS:GO until Sunday.

EMS One Katowice is already reaching its latter stages, with part of the tournament's $250,000 prize purse having been funded by Valve through the Arms Deal system.

This is without a doubt one of the most exciting events in the history of CS:GO, with state-of-the art conditions and pretty much every world-class team out there in attendance.

To celebrate the occasion, the prize on CS:GO on Steam's store has been reduced by up to 82 per cent, which means you can purchase the game for as little as €1,99 in some regions.

Make haste, though, for this special discout will end on Sunday at 17:00.

Written by sgn1 16/03/2014 02:28 1 Comment
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