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Hardware Top 5 mice 2014
CS/CSS Scene steel joins iBUYPOWER
CS/CSS Scene Virtus.pro lift the trophy
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cs.gather.ro anticheat on!
cs.gather.ro anticheat on!
cs.gather.ro Revenire a canalului #cs.gather.ro !
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 » January winners  

The winners of January 2015 have been reviewed !

If you want to win prizes, get your own 'skill' and participate in the BINGO ladder, you have to subscribe to a premium account starting at 0/month !

The BINGO action selected by our crew for this month was : Most knife kills (CS)

- Here are our 5 winners for the BINGO ladder:

1st BiANCAA wins the 6 Months of PREMIUM membership with 0.72 actions per gather and 1111 gathers.
2nd ZCG wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 0.67 actions per gather and 1637 gathers.
3rd roN1kz wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 0.61 actions per gather and 989 gathers.
4th rikipkr wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 0.55 actions per gather and 2560 gathers.
5th MARIUS1 wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 0.44 actions per gather and 2483 gathers.

- Here are our 10 winners for the Counter-Strike 1.6 ladder:

1st WATFnAjs wins the 6 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1685 points and 47 gathers.
2nd KapriCiouS wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1543 points and 51 gathers.
3rd bYkaNN95 wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1448 points and 54 gathers.
4th zvast1kcs wins the 3 Months of PREMIUM membership with 1436 points and 145 gathers.
5th valkenvdo wins the 3 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1409 points and 61 gathers.
6th PROMETHEUSN1 wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1405 points and 80 gathers.
7th friendvdo wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1366 points and 84 gathers.
8th fzrr wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1352 points and 61 gathers.
9th luq1 wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1342 points and 41 gathers.
10th repee wins the 1 Month of PREMIUM membership with 1333 points and 84 gathers.

See you next month for an other set of winners !

Written by kalhimeo 25/02/2015 21:29 4 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Cs.Gather.RO Servers!   

Servers UP!! -> #Server1 -> UP!! Hosted by Krond.org         (READY FOR USE) -> #Server2 -> UP!! Hosted by Krond.org         (READY FOR USE) -> #Server3 -> UP!! Hosted by Krond.org         (READY FOR USE)
Urmeaza sa configuram EAC! Deocamdata EAC nu merge pe plugin, vom rezolva cu administratia.
2 Servers already UP , Starting of monday, new 3 servers will be added , enjoy playing on gather-network, stay tunned the next days for the news! 

Also,I've bought a new domain to set up a channel forum and website for our channel, stay tunned, domain name is " gather-channel.ro "

Written by cheloo 21/02/2015 13:33 10 Comments
News » Gather-Network

Dear players, today 16.02.2015 CS.Gather.RO re-open his doors under a new management!

I am very happy to announce that in the near future I've prepared some tournaments for our users,players and admins,also, I need your help to oil this channel ngine and re-live great moments and activity. I hope, you guys still have that passion for the old brother Counter-Strike 1.6.

On short, to sum things UP,After some huge fiasco in the management, Gather-Network owners decided to change some things around, so here we are!

In like 2 days, our channel will got all the servers UP, under krond sponsorship with EasyAnticheat UP! I will try to set them up as fast as I am able to.

Dear Gather-Network players I am glad to announce that from 1st of March, 01.03.2015 until 01.04.2015 our channel holds 1 tournament for everybody with real prizes involved, so stay tunned and check our new steam group!
There will be every new announcement regarding our channel and competitions. Also, every news regarding our channel tournaments will be posted on the gather-network main page at the news section.

It is time for the #CS.Gather.RO tournament with great prizes for #CS.Gather.RO players and admins. From the 1st of March,the CS.Gather.RO tournament will start, we are giving away prizes like SENSEI LCD MOUSEQCK MOUSE PADPREMIUM MONTHS AND REAL CASH PRIZES FOR THE MOST SKILLED PLAYERS AND ALSO FOR ADMINS WITH THE MOST Managed GATHERS!! STAY TUNNED!! 1st of March will be the start line!!
Until then, we try to set everything up, I also need managers, feel free to send me via the GN website a application with the subject CS.Gather.RO Manager and write something about your ambitions regarding Gather-Network and our channel, ,also don`t forget to let me know about your previous experience as admin or as gather-network player.

Written by cheloo 16/02/2015 14:07 26 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » H&S // AC - Team  

Dear members,

I'm adding Nastydog as Help & Support Leader aswell as ACTeam leader.

Hope i have more news for you soon.

// KoYoTt

Written by koyott 16/02/2015 11:02 8 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Help and Support Team is Recruiting!  

Please read the requirements and follow the instructions stated below if you're interesting in filling one of the available positions.
  • Good understanding of the Gather-Network and a good understanding on how it works.
  • A long experience with the Gather-Network.
  • Personal interest in working to help improve the Gather-Network.
  • Enough time to spare for the Gather-Network.
  • Essential skills on teamwork.
  • Good english skills.
  • Skills in more than one language (Not required but helps).
As you can see, there are quite a few requirements. Members of the H&S team have no extra authority and do not need any (apart from a more advanced control panel). If you want this position because you think you can earn some more Q channel flags, stop reading now. If you want this position just for the Helper status, don’t bother, give up. Anyone who applies that is thought to be applying for status will be automatically rejected.
If however you’re not bothered about the above and think this job is for you, send a fairly detailed private message to me through the Gather-Network website with the subject ‘Help and Support Team Application’ containing the following:
1. Full name:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Gather-Network auth:
4. A little bit about you:
5. Previous experience with the Gather-Network:
6. Why you think you deserve the position:
7. Languages spoken:

Any person messaging me on IRC, PM, STEAM regarding this will be immediately disqualified.
Good luck!
Head of Help & Support Team

Related links:
- Nastydog

Written by Nastydog 31/01/2015 00:03
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