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cs.gather.ro Manageri.
cs.gather.ro Sponsorizare.
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Suntem in cautare de manageri.Cine crede ca este activ si poate ajuta canalul este rugat sa ne lase PM ( site , mirc ).Va rugam sa nu aplicati fara rost ( doar cu prezenta ).Multumim. Have fun !

Best regards,

Written by franclts 14/08/2014 19:22 3 Comments
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In urma schimbarilor efectuate,suntem in cautare de sponsori pentru a incerca sa aducem canalul acolo unde ii este locul si sa il populam cat se poate de mult.In functie de sponsorizarile obtinute o sa organizam concursuri cu premii cat mai atractive.Cine este interesat este rugat sa ne lase PM ( site , mirc . ).Va multumim pentru atentia acordata si va uram distractie placuta in reteaua gather-network.

Best regards,

Written by franclts 11/08/2014 19:29 13 Comments
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 » Anti-Cheat Team Recruitment: Results  

Hi all,

After I read all your applications I realised that most of them were written wrong or incomplete. For all members who wrote an application and were not picked, I wish you good luck on next recruiting.

Here are the recruits:

sgn1 - #cs.gather.tr
H3kerxD - #cs.gather.ro
zoxEcdEF - #cs.gather.tr
balotelliN1 - #cs.gather.ro
PROphile - #cs.gather.hu

Everybody from the list above will receive a private message from me in the upcoming hours where I'll provide all the details. All new recruits will be on trial for four weeks and have to prove they are capable to join in AC-Team.

Anti-Cheat Team Leader

Written by WATTSqui 05/08/2014 16:37 4 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Anti-Cheat Team Recruitment  

The team is recruiting again for more members to join the team. We only want people who have some past experience with the Gather-Network and also users who are reliable and will be continually active to help us in our mission to rid the Gather-Network of cheaters. We need your help to do this and this is the reason for the recruitment - you can find how to apply for this role below.

To apply for this position send me a message and  in the title please put "Application for AC-Team", anyone who does not do this in their application will automatically fail the first stage of recruitment. You must include the details located below.

You will be required to review demos sent in by our community and make a decision based on your own judgement whether or not you think the particular user cheats. You would also request unbans for users who have uploaded their demos and also ban users who have outstanding no-demo reports. On top of this you are required to idle in our help channel and assist users with all of their needs.

By joining the AC-Team, you will receive unlimited Premium Membership in the Gather-Network.

You will be required to put in at least 7 hours of work per week and all applicants must of played in excess of 1000 gathers before you will be considered for the role.

Age »
Location »
Qauth »
Gather-Network Experience »
Anti-Cheat Experience (if any) »
How can you identify a cheater from a skilled player »
Why do you want to be a part of the AC Team »
How much time you have to dedicate »
Link to your Steam profile and Gather-Network Profile »

The applications for the AC-Team staff will be closed at 5/08/2014.

Good luck everyone!

Anti-Cheat Team Leader
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- EasyAnticheat

Written by WATTSqui 27/07/2014 10:16 16 Comments
News » Gather-Network
 » Support Tickets  

Dear user,

It has come to my attention for the past weeks for those who have been using the Support system to get in touch with the Help and Support Team that after you send us ticket via website or send an e-mail to help [at] gather-network [dot] com, you do not answer back once we reply to you .

This has been happening for the past weeks and it makes us wonder, if there is a problem with the system itself, by not returning our replies back to you, or your email provider is labeling them as SPAM/Trash. Please, check your inbox, spam, trash folders.

If you encounter a problem, please, let us know.

Either way, if are in need for assistance, also, use Gather-Network forums or try to reach us at #gather-network @ Quakenet.

Help and Support Staff member

Written by Nastydog 12/07/2014 00:34 3 Comments
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